About “Nor”/” ኖር”

“Nor”/” ኖር” is a unique and widely used cultural gesture in Ethiopia. It’s commonly used by a host for a warm welcoming, which symbolizes respect and affection towards a guest and elders. It stands for humanity of the host and prestige given to the guest/elders.


The Founder

The founder of Nor Hospitality Consulting plc “Ato Eshet Fantahunegn” a young, energetic and passionate hospitality professional who has been working for the industry for many years. He has got a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel Management from Hawassa University in 2006. He was also 2014 graduate of Masters of Art (MA) in Marketing Management from AA University. He has been successful as a General Manager of reputable Hotels, board and individual advisor of his respective clients. His proven track record is being valued and still receiving positive feedbacks about being the most preferred consultant & trainer in the hospitality business. He has been working for the last 15 years in Management, Training, and Hospitality consultancy with the focus on pre-opening, operational follow-up and support, reforming existing properties, research, quality auditing and other related services.

About “Nor”/” ኖር”

If a valued guest or any elder enters into a room of people, all the individuals in the room shall say “Nor”/” ኖር” by standing from their seat and symbolically offer their seat or waited the blessing of the guest or elder to get sited by saying “God bless you”/”በእግዜር”. It’s believed that “Nor”/” ኖር” is an exclusive Ethiopian culture practiced since many years ago.

As a hospitality and tourism consulting firm we valued this precious culture and want to promote and take it to the next level.  Furthermore, our company were founded on a humble, affectionate and passionate interest towards the sector; hence we felt that the name “Nor”/” ኖር” is befitting to our company.

“Nor”/” ኖር” is an Ethiopian based company, officially founded and get in to hospitality business since Dec 2018.  

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Our vision is to be the best and most preferable hospitality and Tourism consulting firm in Africa by 2040.


  • By integrating and developing the unique Ethiopian and African service cultures through research, training and development.
  • By providing comprehensive professional support to hospitality and tourism projects from inception to post operational stages
  • By being trustworthy local/regional based management and franchising company.
  • By enhancing the individual situation of our business partners and leveraging service innovation and tailoring of service package.

Values and Principles

  1. Innovation: We promote a culture of innovation, continuous learning, problem solving and independent thinking.
  2. Trustworthiness: We maintain an open and trustworthy way of communication with our clients.
  3. Confidentiality: We provide tailor made services and solutions aiming to achieve a sustainable partnership between all parties involved that is distinguished by mutual trust and commitment.
  4. Professionalism: We aspire to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in our consultancy, research, training and communications.
  5. Mutual respect: We genuinely respect all those with whom we work, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, age, wealth, profession or workplace seniority.

Our Services

  1. Conducting project feasibility study and business plan
  2. Hotel Architectural design review and consultation
  3. Hotel interior design review and consultation
  4. Hotel project consultation and follow up
  5. New hotels pre opening support and consultation
  6. Hotel post opening support and consultation
  7. Existing hotel reform and consultation
  8. Training and development services
  9. Hotel Quality auditing & Mystery shopping
  10. Recruitment and Manpower supply
  11. Hotel brand matching
  12. Management takeover

Our Esteemed Partners!